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172 in dealers today for oil leak...

The car went in this morning for a minor oil leak coming from both sides of the engine....

Just had a phone call from them saying that the chief mechanic (after stripping some parts down!!) believes it MIGHT be the camshaft seals (I think that is what he said!!), and if so it will need at least 2 days in the shop, especially bearing in mind the availability of 172 parts (their words, not mine!!!)....

So Im rebooked in for 4th / 5th september when they have a courtesy car available for me.

At least they checked and havent left me with no car for the bank holiday - kudos to the dealer on that front!

a bump for my poorly car!!

..also it looks like it may be the 5th / 6th, which will definitely mean I cant go on the track day, even if I can get the time off work....
  Renault Laguna Coupe

1. Ask the mechanic bloke if hell swap your Magnex onto the courtesy car while they fix your 172.

2. Attend trackday

3. Take pic of Clio 1.2 or whatever you get, making sure Magnex is prominent. Enter Renault Clio Cup photo competition There wont be another one like it.

on the 172 there are 2 seals at the timing belt end of the camshafts (1 for each cam) and anther blanking seal at the back end of the cams near the gearbox area.

the cam top cover is located on the head with no gasket - just a smear of sealant.

if its leaking at the ends (the seals) or worse, from the cover joint itself..

then I would get them to look further. weeping oil at the joint face of the cam cover could indicate a warped cover leading to cam bearing failure.


Cheers Joe,

From what they said I believe it is the seals at the timing belt end of the camshaft, but there is small amounts of oil from both sides of the engine!!

They said they need the car for 2 days, so from that I presume they will be finding out what the cause of the problem is, and the inclination from the guy was that it may be longer based on what parts they needed to order - again hinting that it may be more than just a couple of seals.... good and bad I suppose!!!

Hi M8, yep..

if its the head to cam cover joint.. INSIST on a new cylinder head complete !
they cannot do anything about a mating surface problem here apart from slap sealant in it.. the cam bearings are align bored in the 2 halves, so they cannot skim either surface..

If it is simply the seals at the timing end, then maybe ok.. but, thequestion has to be asked ??.. why ??. are they leaking on such a new car...

has it had a cambelt for any reason ??.. overtensioning can cause this. (but unlikely due to the age of the car)

ask to see it when they have diagnosed it...