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  Megane RS 250
A few has a few scars on the outside, but it drives well enough and the engine si strong (230 kph on the tacho and good acceleration).

Stock wheels for a while...when it's time to change the tyres I'll go for some dark grey wheels, like the ones on K-tec.
Smoke repeaters, silver front indicators...the rear windows were already tinted, i like them.

K-tec superstealth exhaust, dekat...a bit noisy to be honest! Oh, KTR panel filter.
I like the stealth effect, no renaultsport badge, no showy exhaust, no catchy colour...

Inside: it had lame wheel and gearknob:

I decided for a Nardi leather wheel, 370mm, and a Richbrook "titanium" gearknob:

It didn't have the cover of the boot so i did a bit of handmade work:

Still working to mount those 16,5 cm woofer in front, by now I have only the rear parcel and the tweeter of the Coral kit, with a Panasonic radio with aux, and an ipod.

I mounted a H7R 5000k xenon kit with a pair of white light bulbs to match it.

Brakes are Brembo HC+DS2500 in front, standard rotors+EBC red stuff rear, plus braided hoses and Ferodo 5.1 fluid.

Alignment is 1,5° of camber with eibach bolt in front, 0 toe in, 0,8° camber rear and 0 toe in rear.
It's a bit camber-sensitive but it turns well. I'm waiting for some coilovers, a rear Whiteline sway bar and front RS bushes.
  Megane RS 250
Can anyone tell me if my car is Titanium or Iceberg silver? I'm not sure, I think iceberg...


ClioSport Club Member
  Too many.
Looks good mate, love that little animated gif :)

Wheel looks quite smart as well!
  Megane RS 250
Today i cut out the plastic in the front speaker places, drilled holes in the wood spacers and in the metal and sticked some sound-proofing on the door metal behind the speaker. 16,5 cm Coral woofers on the way!
  Megane RS 250
Some news:

-Still no money from the dog owneri crashed into (poor dog :-( ), i'm going trought my friend father who is an attorney, 1080 euros to replace front bumper and all the plastic pieces that go under it.

-Still no coilovers, i'm looking for some bargain here, first time a gaz, H&R, KW or Bilstein kit will come up i'll go for it.

-Finally fitted the front woofers, now it sounds a lot better, with richer lows and much more balanced.

-I've painted these old clio 1.8 16v wheels matt black and fitted pirelli snowsport 190 on them.
Will purchase the antracite "lightweight" wheels from k-tec next year with some PE2 and use the stock wheels for slicks.
Still not sure if the front calipers will fit without spacers, and the effect they'll do on the car. The wheels had years of dirt on them and they where really ruined all around. Some pics of the work:

How they should look...a bit darker i think:

-I had a little accident! The rear swayed outside on a country road beacuse of the autumn leaves on the road, i crashed against a road sign...350 euros to fix the right side after the door. Money I could have spent on the coilovers... That made me decide on winter tyres, also the pzero nero at the rear have seen better days.

-Bought off here 182 mainfold and dekat pipe to fit with the k-tec, i hope to gain some push at low revs!

-Waiting for the carbon splitter from the group buy, but i'll have to wait for the new bumper to fix it.


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ClioSport Club Member
Winter tyres won't me your hero driving any better mate, slow down for a couple of months and take care.
  Megane RS 250
Of course i'll slow down, i'm not stupid. But i'm planning to go skiing too and winter here i pretty rigid, around or below zero, so snow tires are a must. I'll pass new year's eve on top of a mountain pass, there's a beautiful twisting road to go up there but it snows often, so bettere be prepared.
  Megane RS 250
Lol I've just found out that my father threw them away...who cares?

It's just me or it's awfully high at the front? I want some coilovers SO MUCH now.
  Megane RS 250
Never had them, i bought it like that...i think the previous owner sold them or crashed one and so changed both. I'll change the bumper (it's ruined and i should receive some money for it) and i'll remove the washer.

Anyway: i didn't think to test the winter tyres so soon!