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172 Induction kits

  ph1 172 Excl, Cossie
Hi All,

Being a new boy to the delights on N/A engines and the F4R, could anyone tell me what gains the carbon induction kit my car has fitted would give? I rather fancy going back to the original airbox set up, and just wondered on this model whether I would lose any power, or just the noise by doing so!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts

wont lose any power, probably wont gain any either, all depends on how dirty your current filter is and if its cureently suffering heat soak

noise, if you going back to standard you may lose some, although ive just gone back to standard and its a little noticeable on the ph1 even more noticeable on a ph2 i believe
  ph1 172 Excl, Cossie
Thanks for your reply Mr, much appreciated.

Looks Like I will going back to an airbox then!
Mine has a Carbon Viper induction kit if anyone needs one....
  MG ZR x2, Polo, CTR
most of the guys swear by the V6 airbox from the Espace (iirc?)

or the standard unit with a decent panel filter in.
  ph1 172 Excl, Cossie
Oh lovely, thanks for the info mr. Any ideas how hard that is to fit?!

It must look pretty standard if it fits in that space ok?!

Thanks for coming back!

  A special one.
They can still be bought new but they do come up used on here once and a while.

Gutted I sold my old one that had all 4 clips and was in nice condition, I bought a new one because it wasn't "mint" enough for me.
  A special one.
Standard ph1 mate.
The other is no longer available.

Im sure there is no benefit from fitting the espace one anyway.
  ph1 172 Excl, Cossie
Is it espace v6 model specifically?

Scott do you have a part number on this please fella?

And what else do I need to fit this ? Thanks a lot