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Hi there .

Just thought i would share some info with ya . Ive just had my clio 172 drivers seat repaired . It had a fag burn and the bolster had the colour worn off it . Hes got rid of the hole in the alcantara and recoloured the leather for £40.00 . It took him one hour and it now looks the b****cks again .

The companies called " Trimline " and they are mobile throughout the country , the Tel no. is 0870 1620625 .

Hope this is of some help to somebody !!
  172 phaseII

wish it was expensive so you learnt your lesson for smoking in your 172! nah sorry.

sounds good, i have a tear in the leather, but when i put leather conditioner/cleaner it sticksiit back down!

As for using leather cleaner / conditioner this guy says the best thing to clean leather with is good old warm soapy water . He says that all these expensive leather cleaners are no good and as for condioners , they dont soak into the leather , they just lie on top which actually attracts and holds dirt in . He also does plastic repairs , dashboards etc and leather stitching for rips , plus recovers .