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172 mk 2 xenon lights

Hi all

Just had my 172 delivered this evening!! Im stuck at work and cant drive it so am desperate for my shift to end - 10 mins!!

I only got to drive it from outside the office into the secure car park!

One thing I noticed was the headlights.........they are very errrrr blue! I know they are Xenon and that Xenon can take that look, but they are the bluest lights Ive ever seen from a car (one that doesnt blatently have aftermarket blue ice bulbs. Anyone confirm if they are all like this, or am I about to get pulled by the police every 5 minutes?

It is an import by the way.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

The lights are coooool! When youre following another car it looks like theyve got neons! You wont get pulled cos the police have the same ones....

Thanks for that.

They are cool - you can see the blue in everything around you!

Had a fun drive home. I didnt want to push it because the manual (I had to do something 172 related during my evening shift so I read the manual cover to cover!) said 625 miles running in time, and not to exceed 3500rpm or 80mph (dont know how Ill cope considering Ive got a heavy right foot and I do very low mileage working locally)

Rather than start another thread, can I ask if anyones trip computer displays instantaneous MPG? The manual lists it as one of the options, but mine scrolls through exactly as the manual, but misses instant and only displays average.

Was well chuffed because it got the CD multichanger - the UK dealer I spoke to before importing said that it had been taken off the standard equipment list in the UK and added as an extra - hence the UK list price dropping recently to £14.5k.

Other than that, it seemed great - excellent throttle response and really felt on the road. Seemed to tramline a bit but would have to drive it more to see. Would have driven it around tonight but couldnt find a petrol station open that sells super unleaded this time of night so Ill have to drive it more tomorrow!

Hey guys,

Yup i do get instantaneous mpg.... i just press the knob a few times while im in motion and then it displays what im currently doing.. and it drops to almost nothing when i take my foot off the pedal

Yup you will notice it does tramline alot... however it really depends on the road surface..... but for some reason i dont notice it tramlining as much as it used to...
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Mike - instantaneous mpg has not worked for several years - our Megane (2000 model) has the same computer as the 172 and that doesnt have it either despite it being mentioned in the manual. As JoZeFF says, you can reset the average mpg while youre bowling along and get some idea though.

hi mikeherts,

my real-time mpg works just fine. it only works when your cars above a certain speed though. lower than that, or at a standstill, it displays a series of dashes. it comes right after the average mpg cycle.




think u misread me mate.. sorry if i didnt explain myself clearly.... i mean the actual real-time mpg works on my clio...
  Clio 1.6 16V

Hi Mikeherts,

Happy new 172 mate! Youve just bought yourself a lot of good fun.

The lights are normal. Until they heat up they are very green/blue. All the roadsigns appear blue from a distance.

Running in, I stuck to the manual and managed to do the 600 odd miles in two or three days, mosty on country roads (more fun anyway), plenty of speed variation, gearchanges and easy braking. After that I built the revs up 1K every 100 miles until you reach the redline. Ive now done 1300 miles and only now feel that things are just starting to slacken off.

My Clio mpg is average reading (normally around 34-35 mpg). To be honest this is more meaningful. I have both an instantaneous and average mpg on my Audi S2. It constantly changes between dashes (200 max) and sub 10ish (average reading is usually about 25mpg). If I tried to drive to a fixed consumption I would never get anywhere.

Anyway ....ENJOY!!;)