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172 Mk2 Air Box Mods

Has anyone evey made any real improvements to the standard 172 Mk2 air box, its just sooooooo tight for space in there

I tryed some extra ducting from the front of it, but just cant get anything to sniff out some fresh air, anyone done any better?

Oh unpluging the air intake pipe from the bottom of the box makes it sound like a BEAST, but sucking in tons of hot air, but oh the sound it makes mmmmm

I am planning to see if I can redirect the inlet pipes to the box in the near future. What is the best panel filter to go for? I have used K&N and PiperX, I think I prefer K&N. Opinions pls.....

Ditch the b**ch and go for a HillPower Induction Kit - fit it yourself and dont worry about the fuelling mod - it sounds awesome...almost as good as the sound of the Clio V6 (or am I just losing the plot?!). I love it!

Is the fuelling affected or not by an induction kt? Might get a BMC CDA in the next 2 weeks if not? Need the induction roar I had on my previous car, used to love scaring people !