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172 or CUP

  Clio 200 FF

Ok ive been looking for a cup for a week or so now and today finally had a drive in one, basic but nippy.

The dealer had a 52 plate cup with 2k but also had a 172 51 plate with 10k and both cars worked out the same price. I know the 172 has better spec but the cup is quicker and a better colour, the choice is to be made tommorow but i was wondering if anyone had any deciding opinions to add
  Clio 200 FF

flipping heck, didnt take long for the replies :eek: prefer cup colour to the 172s silver, swaying in that direction
  320d M Sport

Hmm, 172 has the spec, cup has the colour and better BHp/ton. Hard one!! Err, 172 Id say, might hold the value better as well?
  Clio v6

Same here. Tempted by nice colour & nippy, but not the empty tin. Hard choice but your choice is all that matters Robby.
  clio 20v

i like the cup colour, wheels are nice but too small, 172 rims seem to look bigger

interior in cup is gash, that would have to go, im not too bothered about abs or air con but the seats could be better

it is a hard decision, id prob have cup, i wont be chopping the valver in for one just yet though

on second thoughts id buy a mint williams
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Difficult decission sure especially with all the positives for the Cup on the forum recently and both have the same kudos, you want the extras? the performance is as close as each other...personally i like the climate and leather.

Dont let anyone sway you tho. Go with your heart....which ever you choose the smile on your face when you drive it will still be the same...:)

Depends on what you want from the car. I youre a high milage driver, you might appreciate the 172 more than the cup. If its only used for short blats and for track use then the cup. Real world performance between the two is very small on the roads, though the cup may feel alot faster that it is as theres less sound insulation and lets face it youre not gonna notice 0.3 of a second difference and 90% of the time it is all down to driver skill. If you tune it either with chips, filters and exhausts you can throw all those timing figures out of the window.

Given the choice I would go for the 172 as for me the very small performance advantage isnt worth the loss of Aircon, part leather seats, xenons, ABS etc, especially as both can be had at a similar price brand new.

there is a 172 and a cup in my garage, and each has its own merits - it is your choice entirely. :D but wot a choice to have eh???

I had this dilemma before christmas, ended up with a 172. Just seemed to be a more grown up car and better value for money with the spec ( i got mine brand new for 13k (UK car)). I was impressed with the performance of the cup but i decided that i wasnt going to be driving everywhere at ten tenths all of the time so decided the better spec of the 172 was more beneficial. Plus im a sucker for silver cars, and they dont do the cup in it!

Parked next to a cup the other day and although it looked great from the outside the interior seemed a little low rent in comparison to mine.

But at the end of the day its your decision.

I met a bloke with a Cup today whilst at the petrol station and examined each others cars...cup looks nice, like the wheels but Im happy I went 4 the 172, he said he was also happy with his choice... supose its down to personal choice in the end....we both had the same grin tho :D!!!!!
  Clio 200 FF

new cup for £11995 or year old 172 for £12495, my p/x valued at £7000 against the cup and £7500 against the 172 as they have more allowance on the 172


The cup is only a fraction quicker in a straight line. The most my brother has ever beat my mk2 by, in his clio cup, is a car length, side by side(normally it is half that). If I am behind him I can stay with him due to the slip stream effect, it is only through the corners that he has the advantage, however you can take out the spare wheel and take away the cups biggest single weight saving advantage over you, but that is getting anal.

Personally speaking, in a year to a year and a halfs time, you will use your car as just a means from getting you to a to b and the novelty of speed will have worn off, and you will not be so boy racery anymore. You will be glad you have climate pack and abs over a minimal speed advantage and a less noisy cabin and above all better residual value than a cup, once MOST the novelty has worn off and blieve me it will!

Remember the majority of buyers are not enthusiasts, are sensible, will look for the above ergonomics/economies and will steer clear of the cup as a result ON THE WHOLE. Try to look at the big picture, as the cup does not have the performance advantage renault would like you to believe, as I have never been soundly beaten by a cup on many occasion now, even thpugh they are great cars

Bye Bye
  Clio 200 FF

well bought the cup today :confused: pick it up in a week or so, decided i liked the colour and didnt really need the toys
  Alfa Mito 155TB

I like the cup and the 172....i prefer having the confort options on the 172...because you cannot always go blasting around...It all comes down to personal choice...

Yes the Cup is fine without gadgets....I only wish they could of done something with the seats...I.e use something like the 172 half leather and design in Alcantera in the same bright blue as the paintwork or something.

Both cars are excellent....curious as to how quick the V6 would be against the cup and 172 on a race track.
  Clio 200 FF

ok new development - ive been playing 2 dealers off against each other and today got a 172 for less than the cup.............

signed up today and cancelled the cup.

after driving both the 172 is a lot quieter inside, with the cup you could hear every stone being thrown up
  Alfa Mito 155TB

I was thinking about this the cup for arguments sake is £12,995 and the 172 is £14,995 (approx on both)... The cup is the same engine, except gadgets cut out, different wheels and change in suspension..for this it goes alittle quicker on paper...I like the cup and its has 90kg difference.

But for people who wanted the real racing experience, shouldnt Renault of released the cup at the same price as the 172....with the same weight reduction but with something like a 240BHP engine which could go 0 - 60 in maybe 5.8 seconds....this would bring the car up to the status of something l ike the Honda Integra for example....but it could maybe be true competition for the Ford RS and Subaru STI...lets not get into arguments about which is faster :)

But then the question arises...are people buying the car because they are cheaper than the 172...but still offer lightning speed?

Are Renault releases the Cup to take over the mantle of boyracer car which the Citreon VTS previously held?

Which between the 172 and cup will depreciate less in % terms over three years?

would you buy a second hand cup without wondering had it been thrashed?