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172 Radio develops mind of it’s own!!!!

  320d M Sport

As above!! Weird or what but the radio last night wouldnt turn off (even though I took the key out???!!). Now the Clock annd thermo wont come on unless the radios on. Then today i had the CD (for about 20 mins)on and it made that bleep noise and turned itself off.? What the f3ck is going on?? Anyone know? I did nothing different at all so i cant be something Ive done??

And no, Its not the S-Club Juniors CD breaking it ;)


Can I have some of that weed Paddy ?? .. sounds like good stuff.......;)

or, you could check the auxilliary power relay.. check the hand book.

Yo Dood.. whatever.. pass it over again....

hee hee....:devilish:

I would definately go for the relay.. usually shuts off when the ignition is turned off and key removed...
  320d M Sport

Cmon Joe, never mind "go for the relay" I need step by step instructions you know!!! The radio used to turn off when key was removed but it wont now!!