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172 Silver Alloys or 182 Anthracite Alloys!??

  Mini Cooper
As you might know, I put a deposit down on Middo's black Clio last week!!

Im trying to decide which wheels would look better on it, 172 Silver Alloys or 182 Anthracite Alloys!!

Opinions Welcome!!!!!
  Mini Cooper
For anyone who doesnt know, this is the car Ive bought:

These are the 172 Wheels:

and these are the 182 Wheels:

So what ya think??
Can I start a poll??
  BMW 535D
how about white 182 wheels?? pick up some non-cup wheels and get them refurbed ;)

if not then black 182 rims defo :)
  Chocolate Bar™
not 182 wheels (too plain, and note how everyone suggesting them has a 182 ;)), and theres not point spraying my mint 172 wheels anthracite, as that defeats the object of them being mint. Just stick to the 172 wheels.

incidently if i was gonna keep the car i would have stuck it on some dark superleggras
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  MK2 Audi TT - 2.0T dsg.
Hey, I might be selling my 182 Wheels.

Car has done 4000 miles, no curb action, washed every week and polished / sealed every month, no chips scratches or any other nastiness :p
the best post so far lol..defo 172 wheels mate i think they suit the lines of the car very well nice and chunky and look large for the car...the 182 wheels imo look pretty ghash!! up to you buddy..i have my 172 wheels coming 2mora cos they look the nicest!!
The Trophy's Turini wheels have a weak ass ET, you need Cup Turinis or actual aftermarket ones from Speedline.