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172 slayer uncut

  mk2 172

lol, after considering the facts and a little chat with simon 172 last night there is only one car he can drive

the facts:-

he loves rover and knows plenty about em
he likes all things rover engined
he hates BMW with a passion(who dont like rover)
he loves his torque (so hes got a turbo i think)
he cant beat a 172 til third, so i think hes driven by the front wheels
his motor doesnt come as standard with 17" wheels
he considers it to be a rare stealth machine

i give you a rover tomcat, its gotta be

come on slayer own up


if he has a Tomcat.. the. he has taste...

and, he could seriously SLAY any of you with that motor and a few minor mods.....

Dont underestimate the power of the force Luke.....


Me thinks he has a Cincaciento though.. hee hee..
  BMW 320d Sport

Im way ahead of you Craggy, I had it down to a Tomcat or an MG TF160 ages ago. Dont know whether Im right, but hes a big Rover fan and seeing as the Tomcat is the only quick Rover I can think of in recent years its a good call.

fairplay to the boy if hes running a turbo charged SDi Rover, thats the original big brit chiller, and the engine can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

but sadly i doudt it,

what about one of those supercharged MGFs, and the S/C VVC engines used do fine thier way into the odd metro as well, supercharged metero?

the sad thing is all this attention we are giving him is what he strives for most

From a previous thread I got the impression that he was driving a modified MG Maestro Turbo.

BHP 152, 0-30 MPH 2.6, 0-60 MPH 6.7, 0-100 MPH 20.2, 1/4 Mile Seconds 15.4, 1/4 Mile MPH 90.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

They are quick and in fact there was a rapid one at Pod, but show it a corner...
  mk2 172

i still think its a tomcat, something i realised today, he refers to himself as "top gun", when in the film they fly the f14/15 cant remember which but its called the f14/15 "TOMCAT"!

its an F14 Tomcat, the F15 is the eagle
Well if it is a tomcat, the engines are pretty tunable but the chassis sucks, good straight line but nothing on the corners.
Those turbod MG maestro things though....
there is one out there that does 11 sec 1/4 miles or something like that! a right monster of a car!!

  VW Transporter 174

My mention of top guns was only a generalisation of some of the fast cars in Essex,nick is a top gun!

that maestro is built by andy nicholls and is the fastest FWD in the country!
Maestros ROCK!

172 Slayer