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172 spoiler

  E87 118i
I've decided to get my spoiler colour coded.

can someone tell me if when you remove it, can you remove the plasic part with brake light? or do the painters have to mask it off so as to not paint it ?

  Civic Type-R
Ye it just comes off with a couple of screws at the back :) Did you get any pics of your sprayed rear wiper thing?
  E87 118i
so it comes off (the light that is) from the spoiler - cool, can never trust these guys with masking a good uote, won't take it in tomorrow as they always rush things on a friday so will take it in on Monday.

will take a pic tonight of the wiper - looks like new, was worried it will be too glossy but it insn't.
  E87 118i
  Civic Type-R
Excellent thanks for the pic. Mine has gone a horrible grey/ white colour so need to do the same. Did you just use a matt black colour or something else? Also is it easy to take that bit off? Cheers.
  Civic Type-R
Nice one thanks for your help. Will give this a go very soon! Did you use any lacquer on top too? If it turns out well I might do they same to the wing mirror base plates.
  E87 118i lacquer.....maybe some satin lacquer would have been a good idea?

will see how it holds up.....looks 1000 times better than before....
  E87 118i
bought from a local hardware place (not in UK)

was looking for plastic primer and satin black spray paint, but could not fond any primer, and I stumbled upon that product.....

I'm sure there are other brands....otherwise call em

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