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172 Steering Wheels

Has anybody changed theirs?

I was thinking about it, but worried about what my insurance company would say due to the removal of the airbag...?

Any thoughts folks?


Yoz has his taken out not sure what his company said.
Just ring your insurer up though some will be OK some will refuser.
Not having an airbags no big issue realy.
  Lionel Richie

it should be a personal choice i reckon (but insurance companys are arseholes!!)

they were originally designed for fat american people who dont wear seatbelts

in mine and yozzas case, were both running buckets with harnesses, so airbags are pointless

therefore OE wheels are in the bin

IIRC my insurance company just charged me a flat rate for "interior modifications" and i can do what i want



Now I know this has been covered before peeps but the search keeps crashing! :devilish:

Im looking for the DEFINITIVE answer to the following if anyone can help it will be much appreciated ;) :

Is the Mk2 172 wheel a straight swap for a non-sport Mk2 Ph2?
Will my standard airbag work/fit ok in a 172 wheel or will I need a sport bag?
Should battery be disconnected before removing wheel and if so how long before?
Many thanks in advance guys! :D
  172 cup'd extreme

daz the 172 is a straight swap the normal airbag goes on the 172 wheel you can disconnect the battery - i didnt bother but im an arsehole dont care ha ha got a cup wheel in my dymanique