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172 upgrades

  evo ix 510bhp 460ftlb
hi just selling my evo ix which is 510 bhp its costing me a fortune to run im looking for a 172 cup what sort of gains would i get with head work cams throttle bodys full exhaust going to build a full on track weapon cage stripped out etc /seems to me the clio engine doesnt want to give the power up been looking at civic type r as well minimal mods carbon air box/ rbc/ manifold back exhaust/ k pro ecu 250 bhp from a 2lt 16v wow any experience with these mods to a 172 cup:D
  172 Cup
Full on build will see high 230's. Type r's are ok, a few lads have had them on here but then gone back to the clio's. Better handling in my opinion, lighter and slightly quicker!! I roast em all day long around my area!! Best thing for the clios now is the supercharger, RS Tuning do a good kit on standard management.
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Go straight for the supercharger kit for 250 bhp out the box on a stock engine.

The mods youve listed is a hell of a lot of work with just about the same cash outlay with less BHP and a cap on any future potential.

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader
We have a couple of new power kits in the pipeline. If you would like to know more give us a call on 01202 820800.

  172 - 249bhp @ the wheels

well any Clio, doesn't really matter if it's done by someone that knows their onions. 260bhp and 221lbs/ft on a completely standard 110k engine and 0.5 bar boost. Charger will take over a bar more than that :)
  172 - 249bhp @ the wheels
Ben, that's with internal work as per post above :)

Not sure how it will handle 400bhp in a JC5 either, but the gearboxes are not as bad as people say. IMO most people who experience issues flat shift, miss gears and crunch it and never change the oil... I was one of those and went through 5 of them! Current one is 110k old and absolutely fine, not a crunch or whine in sight :D