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182 36k Service & Belt, now Engine Management Light is on?

  182 & 600 CBR RR7
My card had its 36k service last Saturday at Toomey Renault in Southend along with the Aux Belt. Paid £506...

All was ok until thursday evening when the car became hesitant and would judder at low rev's, then it sorted itself out. Now today its happened again but this time the Engine light came on. Took it straight to Renault and they've just given it back after having it 5 hours.

To me it felt like the belt was slipping, causing the judder and lack of power. After owning it a year, just seems too much of a coincidence for this to right after the service - i've done 47 miles this week!

On the disgnostics test, it gave an Error of P0303 - a destructive misfire in cylinder 3. Although when it was on the diagnostics it was running ok it picked up that this fault was the cause of the light coming on. Renault want £136 to fix it.

What should I do? Pay to fix it even though its running ok at the moment, leave it, or push for Renault to sort it out as it could be to do with the servicing.

Also the service didnt include a coolant change, I would have thought this would have been included in a major service?


ClioSport Club Member
  986'S 172ph1+182FF
aux belt replacement wouldnt have nothing to do with a misfire, ie dodgey lead or coil pack. cough up and pay.

coolant change is optional to the customer, its down to you when u want it changed although they should advise you that renewal is 4 years or 72k along with the brake fluid.