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182 Alarm Problem


North East
ClioSport Area Rep

I just got my 182 and in the middle of driving home we pulled over for a break.

When we I got out the car and clicked the central locking button to lock the door and I assume this activates the alarm? As soon as I did this there was a continuous beeeeepp from under the bonnet which didn't turn off. So I opened the car, it went off.

When I locked the car again the beep came on and like before didn't go off.
I've just left the car open for now.

The red light comes on next to the gear stick for the alarm but I don't know why it beeps?

Anyone know how to stop this?

Thanks, Sam!
  Clio sport 182
you have alram fault its sensing something is open so the alram is continusly beeping to alert you, check all ur door and bonnet switches