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182 Cambelt due to change in London

  Renault clio 1.2 tce
Hi All!

iHave Just Bought A 182 Clio, It Is Due A Cambelt Change & iDont Want To Give My New Baby To Any Old Cowboy. Does Anyone Know A Good Place With A Decent Price In London? Not Including Parts As iAlready Have Them. :dapprove:
nowhere worth using will use parts you've supplied, so get your money back on those. I have a lot of people from your area come to me
I never understand why people supply parts to the garages, surely if the garage were going to rip you off then you wouldn't go there in the first place after a quote :S (fair enough if you're in the trade, but even so).

And as you said Dan, most reputable garage wouldn't touch parts a customer has supplied!