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182 changer into Trophy

Ive just ordered a Trophy having been given a pretty good trade in price on my 182 and a few K off list on the new one. Question is, can I take the Renault OE 6 disc changer from under the front passenger seat of my 182 and get it under the Recaros in the Troph?

Dealer said no, as it will leave big holes...
  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

It wont leave any holes in the 182.

But the cable is a pain to remove and a new cable is £86.



I used the same changed in my 172 and 182. In the 182 the carpet was ready cut so all I had to do was put it in and run the cable.

It wasnt so easy in the Trophy as the seats runners have those black covers in the side and the carpet isnt pre cut. Youll notice the Trophy doesnt even come with the under seat storage the 182 has if you dont have an autochanger.

I sold mine and got an MP3 headunit instead.

I am thinking of getting the Recaros in my car - and already have the CD changer under the passenger seat.

Will the Recaros fit over the top? I had a look under a Trophy passenger seat at the garage and there didnt seem to be much room.



I cant say for certain as I didnt bother trying. The cutouts werent there in the carpet as they were in the 182 so I left it as I didnt want to go cutting the carpet.

10mm isnt a lot but I think its enough to make it very hard to get it under there.