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182 de cat panel filter

  clio 182
hi i got a 182 if i fit a de cat will any lights like engine managent come on also what best panel filter out there thanks for you help


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Dci 100
my light hasnt came on with a decat and neither has a lot of other people's who have decats
  Clio 182 cup
Mine came on with my decat although it was on/off whenever it felt like it coz I disconnected the charcoal canister. Loving the decat though :D

Ste King 182

KnN High flow filter clames to flow upto 200% more air lol !!!
  monaco 172
I've got a knn panel filter and will be swapping it for a piperx soon as my cleaning kit is empty lol.

I don't think youl tell the difference with either really