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182 engine and exhaust

  Clio 182,5GT Turbo Raider
Had the cam belt and aux belt and tensioners replaced at K-Tec 2 weeks ago, seemed a little bit louder than the originals at first but seems to have got quieter now, is this normal?. 47,800 miles on the engine and 5 years old and no stamps in the service book so i thought i'd better get them done!
Also picked up the K-Tec/ Janspeed 182 exhaust system- slash cut tailpipes( with centre box) and sports cat, got the manifold to cat fitting kit, cat to exhaust clamp, centre and rear mounts. I will fit it on Saturday, anybody got any tips on fitting the cat/ exhaust? Obviously getting the old original one off will be a p.i.t.a!- hacksaw probably!
I have recently noticed that the rev limiter kicks in at about 6700 rpm, it used to rev to over 7000, with the air-con on or off, full load or progressive throttle. Is this due to the coolant temp sensor? My downloaded manual says the rev limit is 6700 rpm if the coolant is less than 75 deg c, the temp gauge needle on the dash shows just under half way up!