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182 engine randomly shuts off

  RSC 182 Cup
Hi all,

Over the space of a month the car has shut down 3 times randomly whilst stopped at a set of red traffic lights.
The first time the car was fairly cold, whilst the other 2 times the car was up to normal temp. (its summer here in Aust)

Very weird. Car starts up without a problem. Just praying it doesn't shut down whilst driving.

Any ideas?
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
Sounds like a dying crank position sensor to me but Diagnostics will say for sure even if the MIL is off - check to see if "Trigger tooth signal missing" is present as a 'Memory' fault.
That's annoying - putting the car on a diagnostics machine is probably the next wise step then matey.
  2003 Clio 172
RSTuner should will be looking for historic errors as mentinoed above.

  182, Williams
Hi mate,

Whats the milage of the clio. Had this before. If there is no mil light the chances of a sensor failure are less likely. If the car has done over 40k you might find disconnecting the battery, then removing the throttle body and cleaning it till it shines might work. reconnect the battery and the throttle potentiometer will register in a different position. these bodys get quite gummed up and this is a easy diy job. worth a try..
  clio Mk2 P1 punto1.4
Faulty tdr sensor, spark plugs? Mine used to do this, replaced spark plugs and it works fine now.
  megane 285 sport
remove the crank sensor clean up the tip/electrical contacts/ and the metal that bolts to bell housing and refit. ive had this on a few no sport clios, did this and it stop doing it.
  RSC 182 Cup
just to follow up on this problem. I Have a JMS induction setup. I removed it and gave the plastic elbow and throttle body a good clean, and it seems to have done the trick. Hasn't shut off since...touch wood.