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182 Limited Edition Trophy in Racing blue?

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  Za**** & Xr250R
Lolz there was another similar Trophy on ebay but it was silver and the ad has no info what so ever apart from it doesn't have a cat :S


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  Mini GP1, Clio 182
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information shown; however, errors do sometimes occur.

hmm just a bit!


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Popped into Arnold Shark Renault in Stirling a couple of weeks back for my belts to get done on the 172, had a nose round and noticed they had an 05 182 on the forecourt for £8k. Wonder if some poor sod was stupid enough to buy it yet.
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What a s**t advert.

Absolutely rubbish!

Yup. It's a KIA(Inchcape) dealership. Been a few things since, but was original a Waddham Kennings Rover LOL They're not a small firm, Inchcape or KIA and I'm gobsmacked how piss poor that website is tbh.

Anything that trades there is destined to fail lol