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19 & 20 year olds insured on a 182 click

I wanna get a renault sport clio, im 19. My old mans an insurance broker, dont help at all tho.

where did you get insured, what did u tell them and how much was your premium?

HELP, Cheers lads
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@ 19 mate i would look at a 16V if anything, thats when i got mine... insurance i think was about £1000.... its not £670 @ 20 :) ...

i would avoid the sport models, as they seem to be higher due to their value - your probably looking near to £2000 insurance.
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Two of my mates have got 172s. There paying £2300 and £2700. Both 19 and 1 is on his mums insurance.

i think im being ripped off, im 19, have no NCB and had a renewal quote for my 1.6 at £2100 with tescos, im thinking about getting a 172 but i dont want to pay any more for insurance. what companies do u recommend?

bell direct, 1745.10 fully comp on a 182 at 20 years of age with 2 years no claims and 3 points for speeding.
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Quote: Originally posted by phoenixy on 03 July 2005

im 22 no points 3 yrs ncb my new quote of tesco is £1000

clarkie who are you insured with?
cia mate 08704442666 no one can qoute within £500 of them for me!
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Becasue most of us dont have a choice.

Im paying £1200 on a f**king 1.2 and thats the cheapest quote available at 19 with 2NCB.

21, 3 years NCD, All mods declared, Fully comp

£980 with Greenlight Insurance.

"what did u tell them?" - I told them the truth... wouldnt want it any other way.

Quote: Originally posted by .Griff. on 04 July 2005
More money than sense comes to mind...

just no sense comes to mine
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my friend has just brought a 172 for £9000 and it is costing £2000 full comp. He has got two years ncb(i think).

My insurance is due this week on my Mk1 172 :(

I am 23 with 3 years no claims and Bell Direct seem to be the cheapest at £783.

Last year I was with Elephant and paying £1600!

My insurance has halfed in a year! :confused: but Big - :D

(Sorry to hijack thread)
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am 22, 2yrs NCB, 7 points, and a claim....

£895 fully comp on my 182 :devilish: thats was with
Adding my Mum on saved me £300!!! But i dont live in a high risk area, so i think that helped.

WTF why are ppl buying 172s 182s or any newer car if the insurance is over £1500, are you all mad, or have you not bothered to check before buying the cars

jesus whats wrong with ppl these days

if u want cheap insurance and speed buy an older car thats still fast like the 1.8 16v
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agreed...Ive payed some high insurance in the past but over 2k takes the piss and I would have to think very hard about paying more than 1k...
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I got a quote for £750 fully comp on a 182, Im 24 - this is good considering Ive only ever been a named driver.

Admiral and Elephant are the same company.

I could never justify paying 1k insurance (never mind over 2k) for a 172 no matter how bad I wanted it!!