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  Clio 197
Hi sorry if I post in the wrong section and also if there's is other threads ,

i just got got my first clio 197 and the traction and abs lights on I'm wondering if there's are common faults and if so where do I start in regards to fixing this ,

also my wipers only work on auto mode the stalk does nothing ??
Possible abs sensor ?

Is it an intermittent fault ?

Get it on a clip or any diagnostic computer to check.

As for the Wipers .... Possible switch / airbag reel ( behind steering wheel )

Has it had a bump ?

  Clio16v/225 Trophy
If the ABS/ESP lights are on the easiest thing to do is get it plugged in and correctly diagnosed as guessing normally costs more money when you get it wrong.

There are no reluctor rings as such on these cars as the inductive pickup is part of the wheel bearing assembly (and they're pretty reliable) but it could be a sensor or it could also be a pedal switch issue to. Whilst it's plugged in ask the person driving the equipment to see what the UCH/UPC status is when switching the wiper mode stalk.
  Clio 197
Thanks for the replys , are all 4 rings built into the hub ? , and yes it's cat d so was only pannel damage ,
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
They don't have a toothed wheel no, it's an inductive pick-up built in to the rear of the wheel bearing assembly so be careful as they are easily damaged.
  Clio 197
So I'm guessing if there at fault it's a case of a new hub ? Do all 4 wheels have it or just 2 front /2 rear
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
They are done individually BUT just have the car plugged in to some decent diagnostic kit rather than attempt to speculate and you will know exactly where to focus spending some cash (I personally recommend 'CLiP' but 'AutoLogic' is equally as amazing on French vehicles)