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197 Cup Racer Cage Help

  DCI100 / 211hp MK1
Hi I am trying to fabricvate the 197 cage into a poverty spec shell. I am getting near the end of it but i am unsure how i am going to mount the rear stays to the suspension pick up points at the rear of the car.

Are they welded into your car or do you put the suspension through the cage and fixed it with a washer and nut?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Pictures would also be massively handy!​
  Clio Sport 197
Its meant to be bolted down with the rear suspension nuts, in the process of putting one in mine!
  Clio Sport 197
What pics do you want mate. I have some general ones or did you want some of how to mount the rear? Cage is being powdercoated at the moment so won't get a chance to take anymore pics until the weekend when it goes in the car.
  DCI100 / 211hp MK1
Just as many pics of the whole cage inside the car please mate. Also i can wait im patient lol. I am really mainly interested in the rear mounting though

Thanks :)


  DCI100 / 211hp MK1
Thanks guys.

Pictures of down the tube for the rear mounting would be good. Not to sure if the rubber goes on first then the cage then the washer n nut or what?????
  Clio Sport 197
I'm now terrified im going to have to remove more trim than I wanted to based on those pictures! Will I have to remove seatbelt surrounding trim and headliner? :(