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197 Cup Racer @ the 'Ring

  Turbo Beige
This was taking part in a 6hr VLN race on Saturday, so took a couple of pics. It was pretty fast and sounded very nice indeed.



Also a couple of 182 Racers as well.

  Punto/Clio GTT
still think they look s**t. man, all hot hatches look the same now, how crap is the market getting?

no cars have character nomore, no flare, nothing to distinguish them. bullshit tbh
  An orange one
look how level the damn things corner!!

mmm...please renault do the 197 cup/trophy/better versions in white!!!
  Renaultsport 220T
Serious amounts of camber that thing is running.

Rear also, by the looks of it.

Is that exhaust smoke black all around the right hand bodywork?

wasnt a fan, but until I see one in the metal cant say for sure... but that rear view looks good maybe as its been lowered has made it look better, quite wide and likin the defuser and side vents.


Snap lol I was there then in a white GTI-6, didn't think the 197 looked to fast mesen. That lambo was pure sex wee tho, best noise ever!


Looks good not quite like the Mk2 in white though i think a darker colour would suit it better.

Any idea what time it was running?
  BMW 330d :)
Loony said:
1st shot i've seen where the back end looks good, still think the front looks too girlie.

Got to agree with that comment. The front end looks too mpv'ish.... The back is nice and I like the white alloys. Doesnt seem to suit white on the front shot though. Makes it look like a renault works van.
  Turbo Beige
The Lambo was very nice, got a pic of that as well.


I would say that the 182's seamed faster on the day, but that could be down to circuit knowledge etc. It seamed quite odd that only 1 of the exhausts had the blackening, not sure why. It does make the 172/182 look old though, im happy with what i have though, unless they did one in white with a decent steering rack etc, might be tempted then.


ClioSport Admin
  Clio Trophy #355
Looks like they need to get the sweepers down to Pflanzgarten, hope that crap isn't there in a few weeks!