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197 exhaust system

  Clio 197 cup
any ideas on systems, need some advice? is a sports cat worth it? there is a custom exhaust place up the road from me (powerflow) might give then a look?
  Turbo LY R27
I've got a Powerflow on mine and I love it!! Never had one problem with it and it sounds awesome. Everyone I've met from the 197 site loves the sound. I think it's better and nicer to live with than the milteks etc.
  Turbo LY R27
I just went for a new back box, was about £300. Got an awesome sound to it and really quiet wen driving normal. Then sounds so good wen opened up
  albi 197
yozza sport with decat :D I'll get a video up tomorrow if I get chance, best money I've spent on my car though.