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197 front clunking noise

  2008 Clio 197 cup
Hello I have a Clio 197 that has a clunking noise coming from the front left side of the car. I've sent it to a mechanic (hasn't worked on any Renault RS before) and he says it's the upper and lower ball joints on both sides which is around a £600 pound job which is a hell of a lot of money for me as I'm just a student. Anything else it could be that I should check out before pulling the trigger on this job?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
I'd see if there is a Renault sport specialist near you and confirm this is the issue. But the ball joints are notorious for wearing.
Also, if you want to confirm the diagnosis then take it to an MOT test station with a shaker plate and ask them if they can see/hear any movement.


ClioSport Moderator
It is likely to be the ball joints, they are very expensive to replace - check out as there is loads of info about it on there. Put a post up there too.
Might be cheaper for you to order the ball joints from the UK to south africa. The car will feel loads better once they are replaced.