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197 LUX Project

So after a year of ownership I’ve made a few changes here and there and with my old thread images breaking i thought id start a fresh. So this is my Clio 197 Lux, judging by the how many left site theres only around 20 of these left on the road. You probably know the differences in these.. leather seats, silver bits etc. But heres a few things ive added in the past 12 months:

K-tec cup spoiler
K-tec panel filter
RS Cup Splitter
RS Steering Wheel insert (Lux pack didnt have these)
Repainted Satin black wheels
Team Heko Deflectors
Rear brake pad/caliper refresh (brembo)
Cleaned up the front calipers
Falcon tyres (surprisingly grippy being lowerish priced)
Chrome exhaust tips (make the rear end in my opinion)
Front fog tints

All in all i wanted a track style 197 with all the aesthetics of the cup and the Lux extras. I feel like ive got it to the point where i want it, being the commuter i dont want to slam it or mess with the engine too much ive done all all that in the past .




Looks lovely mate. Really like these, but I’m tight and the mpg scares me. Ha.

Thanks man, haha i had a 182 before this which was getting around 35-40mpg, this is getting around 25-30mpg, driving it to work and back probably around 330-370 miles to a tank which isn’t the worst .

Great cars though, totally different feeling than a 182, feels more sturdy and the power feels more linear but you can definitely feel that its a bigger car even though the handling is still mint!
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Yeah I’ve had a 182 and two 172’s and I was amazed with the mpg they returned.
Love the look of yours. The rear with the tips does look complete and finished.
Two years of ownership and still loving this thing! Not a lot has changed in the past year, as i quite like the OEM+ look, mainly tidying up bits and keeping it clean. Few bits i've done:

- Wrapped roof and wing mirrors gloss black
- Cambelt, pulleys and all that megubins at Dimond Motors
- Brembo disks/pads front - Brembo pads rear
- Exhaust tips are now satin black to blend in

Should be having a royal steering wheels re-trim to tidy up the interior as well shortly.



Quarantine task to the engine bay looking decent again complete, used a few Autobrite bits to get the plastics clean and back to black. Also sprayed the rusty trim bolts silver to tidy them up.

A couple of phone pics, but made a few changes and cleaned the callipers as best I can, mainly going from the K-tec cup replica spoiler to a GT spoiler (Wrapped it black to match, as I wrapped the roof last year but thinking of taking that off and going full blue). Trying to go for a more OEM+ kind of look and will be spraying the wheels, thinking anthracite, any Suggestions?

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I far prefer the smaller spoiler (or no spoiler at all). The Cup spoiler is way too boy racerish in my opinion.

Yeah, ive had it on for two years and fancied a change. Love the car, just want to make it a little less boy racerish, but ultimately racing blue isnt exactly a subtle colour is it


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Sprint spoiler is the way to go! I'd definitely go for anthracite wheels.

If you're ever down Stafford way you can put my spare wheel on the car to gauge if you like it.
Sprint spoiler is the way to go! I'd definitely go for anthracite wheels.

If you're ever down Stafford way you can put my spare wheel on the car to gauge if you like it.

I looked at the sprint spoilers, I agree they are the best option, just wanted something cheap and got quite a bit back for the cup spoiler.

Really appreciate the offer, think im just going to take the plunge and spray them anthracite when the weathers a bit better. I want a clean look, might try and see what color code the 182 cup pack wheels are. Liked them on when I my 182