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1992 Clio Mk1 Clio Resto/rebuild

With the engine all buttoned up decided its time to crack on with the bodywork.
Plans here are repair inner and outer sills, rear arches, few small repairs on the front wings, and change the roof skin To get rid of the sunroof.
Got the car into my home garage, so as I can spend a few evenings/weekends tinkering.

Stripped off all I could, subframes, doors, boot lid, and trim. And got it mounted on my newly purchased roll over jig
Inner sills have a few scabby patches.

One thing for it. Cut off the outer sill, and repair from the inside out.

Repair panel offered up and work to get it to fit started.
Hope to get the sill done this weekend before moving on to the super grim rear arch!
woooow where did that year go! Havent touched the poor little clio for over a year! Bought a house which has sucked up any spare money and time! Am Set to move in this weekend and plan on getting cracking on the 16v again.
Spent a few days this week breaking a donor car, nice low mileage 1.2 non sunroof super poverty model, going to cut the roof off and plan to use a good few other bits of the body to repair the valver!