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19yrold male insurnace

  Mini Cooper S JCW

can ne1 recommend me a decent insurnace company for myself (19 male with 2NCB no points -touch wood)

i am thinkin about going with adrian flux, £1300ish tpft

oh and the car is gonna be 1.8 16v M reg

Cheers People

Goto Elephant mate, got mine for under a grand there and i was 20 at the time with 1yr NCB, TPFT, but its only for 10months, but you get a years no claims after 10 months.

Whatever you end up paying, its worth it, trust me.
  Mini Cooper S JCW

tescos..........that rings a bell, some1 told me to try them.

il try them 2mos, do they quote online?
  Golf GTTDI 130PD

I go with performance Direct.....but I would really recoomend them.

I will go for tesco when I change my car thats for sure.

Yeah Tescos do online, though when I tried it earlier in the year it was playing up, it prob works now though!
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Im 20 years old, 172 Cup, 2 years NCB, no points (so far).

Tesco insurance = £1604.

Net result = Me being very happy :)

I just got insured yesterday with Adrian Flux

M Reg 1.8 16v, 19 & 1yr NCB

£1174 TPTF

With 2yrs NCB, you should get it cheaper than mine.
  Mini Cooper S JCW

tom that sounds like a really good deal u got there,

did the people tell u about u getting free RAC Cover being with adrian flux??? thats wot i got told neway!
  Mini Cooper S JCW

just tried tesco online.....wot a surprise!! unable to quote me!! story of my life lol!

elephant is close at the min! try do it 2mos!


my insurance is due for renewal next month, im also 22 4yrs NCB!! can you give me the number of your insurance company... that appears to be a good deal you got their! :eek:

do you have any mods?

I heard that co-op are cheap, although Im not with them myself.
The cheapest I found when looking round was Direct Line.

ive had a good hunt round last renewal - found tesco was quite expensive for me (19, 2yr NCB, 3pts) - i would HIGHLY reccomend either Frizzell insurance or Direct Line; for me, Frizzell just beat direct line by £50, when i had my sh*tty micra (dont laugh, were all poor sometimes!) i was insured for £550 on 1yr NCB,3pts,18yrs old. The next best from anyother companies was about £950!!!!

lety me know if you want frizzells number, ill have to hunt around fopr it!

  Mini Cooper S JCW

wots the number or website for fizzell m8???

BRUN - remember when i tried liverpool victoria-they wouldnt quote me!!

norwichunion - "We are sorry but we can not quote for you"
  Skoda Fabia vRS

nickg123, try liverpool victoria for your car, i estimate £600 to be the quote you receive
  Mini Cooper S JCW it looks like i am gonna have to go for elephant.... BUT DOES NE1 KNOW IF THEY DO MODs??!


Clifton:( Not where i wanted to be but it was the only place I could afford south of the Trent. Other half works in Loughbough so needed to be that side.