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200 cup spoiler?

  White Clio 200
Just recently purchased a clio 200,
Thinking of buying a spoiler, any ideas the best place to buy up in the Glasgow area???
  AUDI A5 s-sline
I think you need a new bootlid depending on the spoiler you originally have on, to get the cup spoiler! :)Hope this helps mate! :).
If the car came with a GT spoiler (shitty small one) then you wont be able to fit a cup spoiler without a new bootlid.

If it doesn't have a spoiler at the moment, then a cup spoiler will fit no bother!
  clio 200 /08 subaru

i like mine the proper renault one



easy to fit looks the part with the side sills
  Discounted 1*2 parts
i can do you a good price on a 200 cup spoiler - pm me for a price ;)

edit: another pic for you ;)

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I'm not sure to be fair, I think it's drilled into the bootlid through the plastic trim at the top of the tailgate?

  clio 200 /08 subaru
the spoiler is a resin like material ,the stansions molded into it are bolted through the bootlid then 2 screws also locate into it
the ends are held on by 2 lond screws that dont quite match up ,b**ch to fit
the spoiler is easy to fit as you get two guides to mark where the holes are to be
i think the look great when painted the same as the bodywork .you can get carbon end plates as well




i also like the renault side sills keeps the stones off the bodywork
any body want to know how to fit them i have a full set of piccs of mine being fitted