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2005 1.2 16v coil-overs question. What fits and where can i buy some?

  1.2 16v 2005
Hi all,

After 80k the time has come to replace my shocks, so I'm looking to upgrade to a set of coilovers.

I've heard that 1.2 16v's have a different fitment to all the other clios (23mm hub spacing?) - just wondering if anyone knew of a set that would fit nicely? I'm looking to spend as little money as possible as I have a feeling that I'll be heading down the 197 route fairly soon. It just seems silly to replace the standard Renault items with hideously priced dealer replacements when I should be able to improve the handling for the same sort of money with coil-overs. There is the plus point of being able to wind the height up to a standardish level when I come to sell it.

The car will be going in for a new set of bushings & brakes all round next week so I'd ideally like to lump it all together. I've also recently invested in some premium tyres so I'd like to make the most of them!

Would I be silly not to go for front and rear strut braces at the same time to make the most of it?

I've tried to have a look around the classifieds for some cheapies however not being a club member I can't seem to see properly. Is it a club requirement to be a paying member to see this?
Get some rokkor ones off ebay and I wouldn't worry about strut braces.

Pay your 12£ and be a club member it's worth it.
  1.2 16v 2005
Thanks for the advice. I can't find any to fit in his shop so I've emailed him (in my best school boy french) to see if he does them for the 1.2 16v.

Does anyone have any experience of these kits?