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230bhp turbo megane

Mmmmm 230 sounds better.

Is it just me or does the track of the megane look a lot wider than the clio? Has anyone here driven one? they look as if theyd handle well lowered a bit.

back to my original question, if the megane uses the same F4R engine as the 172/cup, then whats the likelyhood of being able to fit the same turbo, intercooler etc setup in the clio. Theres a fair amount of space in the engine bay. a 230 bhp cup at 1020 Kgs would be even better than a 1200 Kg Megane..

should be good for 6 secs to 60 ton around 15 and 150mph top !

i want some real pics not ones with strange graphics on the car.

I know its got huge brembos

remember the fiat 20v turbo did 100 in 14.5 and weighed 1320kg or so

A performance hatchback should be around the 1000kg mark. IMO anyway.

I dont know much about turbos but i dont see why it wouldnt be possible, if it is essenitally the same engine. I guess the meganes engine will be uprated to something closer to the 172, which begs the question how much BHP the torque is doing, how big is the turbo, equivalent to T25 size or something?
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Quote: Originally posted by philip on 14 March 2003

Theres a fair amount of space in the engine bay. a 230 bhp cup at 1020 Kgs would be even better than a 1200 Kg Megane..
Blimey are you sure youre looking at the right car? My engine bay has no space at all, let alone room for all that new plumbing! Nice thought though, but its gotta be an expensive game taking a virtually new 172 and doing a transplant with an expensive new engine. Might be better off just buying an Evo VIII.

Well someone posted a turbo 172 a while ago, but it appeard to have no intercooler :confused:

I agree with mike, i guess you can go to far, if you get TBs and other mods youll get 230bhp anyway.

The most Ive seen actually measured on a 172 was 220hp, and that included 4 individual TBs, ported and flowed head, cam rework, ECU upgrade, decat. Cost £5K+ and the car needs to be out for 3 weeks. My concern with that one was drivability in everyday town traffic, certainly with the mods on cams. Against that, a 230bhp reno "standard" turbo + intercoller may not be a bad idea as driveability would not be affected since the turbo would not be on boost if youre not flooring it. On the turbo mod you refer to without an intercooler, whoevere has gone for that may be taking some chances!!

Thats a good point but i dont think major cam work is neccessary, ben r was telling me theoretical NA output is over 300bhp, imagine that!

havent found somebody in the UK - yet - who could do the work. Hill,K-tec,BB are way behind on TBs to 172s. Prima do some but theyre twins and I didnt like the sound of their description on the phone