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Monaco 172 Turbo


East of England
ClioSport Area Rep
A few pics of my highly neglected turbo, having been working away so much recently I’ve not done anything with it. Before I went away it was minging filthy so this morning I decided in the 1 degree temps it would be a good idea to give it a bath...




Current spec -
Order of mods completed...
Genuine Cambelt kit
Genuine Water pump
Genuine Dephaser pulley
Genuine Tensioner
Serviced- plugs oil etc
BMC CAIS Induction changes to Fatty 'k-tec' induction
Custom air filter bracket
Skoda Fabia VRS splitter
LED all lights, side, number plate, brake, interior, boot & glove box
Silver vision indicators
Cup spoiler re sprayed in 432 c/w New oem top light
Metal Battery cover
Brembo HC front discs
Mintex 1144 pads front
Brembo oem rear disc
Brembo rear pads
16" OZ F1 alloys
Refurbed OZ F1 in gold
Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires
Engine cover colour coded 432 c/w new 2.0l 16v logo
Bumper grommets
Bee sting ariel
Bullets colour code in 432
Clear sides repeaters
New OEM 172 Cup shocks
Cooksport Springs
RS200 RenaultSport Badge
PH1 rear light conversion
K-Tec Sport cat
K-Tec 2.5" Super Sports Stealth System
Powerflex rear exhaust mount
Engine dynamics remap 161ft lbs 182.6bhp
16mm Hub-centric spacers
Powerflex upper engine mount
Calipers painted red
MOMO boss
OMP Targa wheel
Powerflex Dog Bone Mount
New OEM alternator
Engine Dynamics 230 Turbo conversion:-
Gold powder coated inlet
New turbo manifold
Hybrid 25/28 turbo c/w custom link pipe
Megane 225 injectors
AEM Fuel/Ignition controller
Uprated 5 Puck Paddle clutch c/w new gear oil
AEM intercooler c/w new coolant
Forge Coolant hose kit
Trophy font Turbo sticker
New rear plate bulb holder
1ltr Fire Extinguisher
520 x 90mm show plate
Pure MotorSport Shifter
Whiteline ARB

Still to fit -
Eibach camber bolts
PMS solid mounts and strut

Full build thread can be found here -

Thanks for looking, thoughts of selling it are running in my mind as I fancy a change but haven’t a clue what it’d be worth if I was to sell it on, suppose as much as someone’s willing to pay.
I had those camber bolts for a while and never fitted them because I had no way of measuring them, but I got a new iphone and just used a spirit level app to do it, goes down to decimals so was able to get 1 neg to the decimal, isnt perfect but is pretty close, i got the idea off of here. Probably the best cheapest mod Ive done, apart from the top engine mount
  Monaco 172
Looks so good mate :up: I haven't even opened the garage and looked at my Monaco in weeks, but when i do it wont look like yours and it will make me sad haha.
  535d / t5 caravelle
Selling? How longs it been turbo’d? Is it not only months? Cracking car btw especially on the gold rims.

Mr R.

ClioSport Club Member
  A special one.
This is really nice mate, i love the colour and the oem look.

Perfect. :cool::hearteyes::up:


East of England
ClioSport Area Rep
Get those OZ wheels back on it!! lol

When the weather gets better buddy...

Selling? How longs it been turbo’d? Is it not only months? Cracking car btw especially on the gold rims.

It’s been turbo’d for about 7 months mate and thank you...

Selling? Why?

I was thinking about a while ago but I took it for a blast an feel back in love with it... More mods planned now...

This is really nice mate, i love the colour and the oem look.

Perfect. :cool::hearteyes::up:

Cheers mate I try go for the oem+ look, subtle and not too ott...