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3/4 Plate Guide

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This is for the plates that fit the recess on the Mk2 Ph2 Clios. These are illegal so should only be for show use..

]I'll do you a guide, as im nice like that :wink:

Left hand side, click "Constructor"
Then click "Fancy Plates"
Type in the Reg "SCHWEP 1"
Standard UK Font. No Border.
Click "Go to Step 2"
In the "Other(please specify):" box, you type "520x84mm"


Click "Recalculate"

It will show at the bottom your selected sizes..


Then click "Add to cart"


Couple of pics of PaulB's car to show how it looks..




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@Louis' has found a cheaper alternative site to fancy plates, see here

To add to this, the 3/4 plate from ProPlates is not normal plate acrylic, quoted from pro plates:

"Our flexible material is still reflective, but it is no more than 2 mm thick, it is quite bendy, so ideal for curve fixing, it is also shatterproof, so ideal for off road or motorsports vehicles and once in situ, the plate would look no different.
The plate can also still be drilled for fixing"

Thanks to @fairm010 for the update
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Another update to this thanks to @Louis'
Proplates have actually stopped making the thin and flimsy plates as above. They are now made of High Impact ABS acrylic, 4-5 mm thick, BSAU 14d Class A, reflective, 3M glue. This is exactly the same as normal number plate thickness.
They have now updated the website so that the small plate size is now available on the drop down so you dont need to

Now the best bit is that Louis has negotiated a club discount for us! The discount code gives free shipping. So the plate will only cost £12.99 which is a bargain.
Discount code: cliosport

Click the above link, click shop now and enter the plate details - click size and choose 520x85mm from the drop down.
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