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Info: How to use and install the Dialogys

Assuming you have a copy of the CDs then follow this guide if your downloading the files then see the bottom of the guide for what to do to make the CDs up.

1) Go to ad remove programs and if you have either Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java Runtime or QuickTime remove them. Restart if necessary to compete removal of the programs.

2) Put CD 1 into the machine and browse to D:\languages\installers\ (where D is your CD drive) and run

3) Acrobat Reader Run the ar40eng.exe file

4) Java Runtime Run the j2re-131.exe file

5) QuickTime Run the QuickTimeInstaller.exe file. Follow the instructions until you get to the "choose an installation type" window, you MUST select "custom" then "select all" - continue to install. If it comes up that you have a newer version already installed you must remove that program first, but you should have removed them earlier. (You can always reload the newer version again free from their website I believe but I havent bothered)

6) Restart your computer

7) Insert dialogys disc 1 and run the file "InstallPC.exe" file and follow the instructions. The installed file is ~2.1 Gig so make sure you have enough free space.

6 Insert dialogys disc 2 when told to.

7) Restart the PC if requested to.

8) If when you install it you cannot find any dialogys link on the desktop or it doesnt work then search for a file called
"dialogys.bat" in the directory you installed the dialogys to. Make a shortcut to this program and leave it on the desktop and run that instead.

How to use the Dialogys.

If you have it installed then when you run the Dialogys.MPF file it should start up. The first screen you should see should look like

Into here you need to install the oval details for your car. The oval plate for MK1 Clio is found on the front suspension strut under the bonnet. For the newer Clio i.e. Mk2 then its located lower down on the drivers door pillar. To understand what it means have a look at this.

Unfortunately unless you can guess getting details on other cars can be difficult. I have this list of codes if there any use

CB1N 172 Cup Also known as the Sport Lightweight Clio

CB0M 172

CB05 Extreme/Dynamic 1.2 16V

CB07 Extreme/Dynamic 1.5 65hp

CB08 Extreme/Dynamic 1.5 80hp

CB0P (Dynamic) 1.4 16V

CB1D (Dynamic) 1.6 16V

CB1A is the Mk 1 V6 Code

CB1H seems to be the Mk2 V6 details

CB22 is the 182 Code I believe but the dialogys dont contain 182 details

Most Clios are of a spec /5 (its a code showing a high spec).

The Oval plate details are typed into the box which pops up when you click the oval plte button and looks like

Then you can click on the icons and it will give you the parts description for you car.

The PR bit takes you to a parts list for your car so if you wanted to buy a new splitter say then there are three ways to do it.

A) Enter into the box the words splitter then search, have a look though the results for the part and double click it (it works on a tree diagram sort of idea)

B) Highlight the appropriate bit i.e. bodywork, then click drawing and search by going though the parts.

C) Go though the tree diagram type search for parts. See

Once the part screen has loaded up click on the part you want to look at and this screen will appear.

From here click the number of the part you want to look at i.e. click on the number 9 to see the parts code and price of the part (ex vat) for the part. Dont forget though that there can be multiple images (have a loom at what Ive circled in red as if what you see isnt on the first sheet it will probably be on the other ones. This price list isnt up to date as the copy of the dialogys used at the moment is about a year out of date (02/09/2004) but the codes will be the same so you can ring Renault and quote the part number for an accurate price.

The button labelled RM is a repair manual it contains details on how to remove bits from the car correctly and how to replace parts damaged during a crash etc.

The NT is a part of the dialogys which contains technical notes on the Clio.

If you have downloaded the file from the net and want to burn the CDs off

Stick the downloaded files into separate directories for each CD, each directory should have 1 x bin file and 1 x cue file.

If your using burning the CDs with CDRWin.

Download CDRWin

You should have one .bin and one .cue-file.

The size of the file does NOT MATTER. You CAN burn a file bigger than 650MB! You dont need 80 minutes CDs.

First you have to check that your .cue-file is correctly "configured".

Open your .cue-file with a text-editor. It should look something like this
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TRACK 02 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:06:12

Sometimes the first line says:

Well, that will work AS LONG as the .bin files is located in that directory. Otherwise you have to type the right path!

Now launch CDRWin! Click on the button at the top left corner

1. Press "Load Cuesheet"-button, choose your .cue file!

2. Here you can see which file you choose!

3. Press "Start Recording"!

Now you should have a CD with a .dat-file on it. It is stored in X:\MPEGAV\

Other notes

Renault dealers use a Mac based computer system so the dialogys can be problematic installing/running them on a Windows systems.

The NT, PR, RM and TM are all listed so if you search for a price of a clutch then press the RM button it should have selected the area when clutch work is under. If you were to click the TN area it should show the technical notes raised on the clutch previously.

There are few wiring diagrams on the Dialgoues this is because there is another CD Renault have containing all the drawings for the Clio wiring however this isnt available as of yet on the net and I believe there is a problem sharing this as it can be traced back to the dealership who had the copy and no Renault employee wants to risk there job by sharing out the Clio wiring diagrams. However people who do have access to it will help if you post your question up.

I have to thanks and say sorry to who ever I have copied txt from most of it has been rewritten but I would still like to thank those involved in writing it. Also to whoever started the selling/sharing of the Renault CDs in the first place who made this all possible.

If a mod could pin or lock this thread I would be much obliged. I hope that other people who have problems in future can look this back at guide.

If you have any comments other than updates or modifications to this thread could they please start another thread to help keep this one tidy of extra comments.