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3G - Broken?

  MX-5 Sport
Had my iPhone 16Gb 3G for 11.5 months now.

Today I lost the "mute" slider - fell off when I pressed it.
There is loads of dust under the screen.
Keep losing signal randomly, having to reboot to get it back.

I've got a genius appointment tomorrow - should I expect a new/reconditioned phone? :S
  Audi S3 225
I dropped mine once and the mute button fell off, had a small dent and a few scratches on side. Took it to the appleshop and they hardly looked at it, just gave me a new one! I think if its under 12 months they will normally change it and give you a refurb.
  MX-5 Sport
Took it back at 4.55 yesterday, walked out at 5pm with a seemingly brand new one. Copied all my settings across on iTunes.

Well done Apple - your customer service is great! :).