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5GTT !!!

  Skoda Fabia vRS

me mate Paul (coolspot007007)came round today in the Renault 5 GTT he has bought to go into his 16v

now all i can say is WOW !

that is one damn quick car !.....there is nothin gonna stop me from gettin a GTT conversion now, its seriously like sh*t off a shovel, i couldnt believe how fast it was, its got Gaz coilovers too and it handled amazingly, went round corners with ease.....

i really cant imagine what a 5GTT with 250bhp+ would feel like, im certain it would make me sh*t my pants !

should add it to that programme about things to do before 30, OWN A GTTURBO!!!! definately a must, mine was a minter, if you find a good one and look after it you will love it and get a buzz everytime you go for a burn in it, i definately recommend them to anyone
  Nissan R35 GT-R

The only problem is that they are all getting on a bit now.

My opinion is that the 172 is the modern day Williams. I wonder if there will be a modern day R5 GTT!

i say we take a petition to reno and get them to put the 200+ bhp engine from the planned megane sport in the clio instead :D(nice!!!) as the megane is f*kin ugly anyways

DONT FORGET TO IDLE IT!!!!!! So many people dont do this and it really is a big part of taking care of a turbocharged car, always best to drive the last mile off boost as much as poss to let things cool down then idle when you pull up
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

WHY? Whats that tell you? Or do you mean just let the Turbo de-spin and cool?

If so i know what you mean. At a cruise in South Manchester last week, a lad pulled up in an old Escort RS Turbo, reved it when parked to show us his dump valve and then immediatly turned it off. WHAT A TIT! His turbo will be fecked in a month if he keeps that up!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea i know about lettin it idle mate, my mate Paul was sat on my front for a few minutes lol

That just gets on my nerves sitting in your car for a minute or 2, specially when you get to work and allready running late.

Im just lookin forward to getin the nos fitted on mt GTT engine now!
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Only problem is that turbo timers mean it doesnt matter how good your alarm is, it is thatcham CAT2 as far as insurance is concerned.

CAT1 specification means you cannot have the car running whilst everything is locked and alarmed.

With regards to the turbo-cooling, it was a huge issue when turbocharged cars only had oil running through them. It took about 5 minutes of off boost running to cool the bloody thing so it didnt coke.

Now that 99% of cars are water cooled and oil lubricated, the cooling time is significantly reduced. If you have just ragged your car and come to a stand-still, you only need to idle for 30-60 seconds before the shaft bearing drops to a temperature that wont cook the oil on to itself.

This idle is not needed at all if you have been keeping it below 3k (or in a GTT about 2.5k) rpm for the last couple of minutes of driving.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Turbo starts spinning at 2k in an R5 doesnt it? Or is this just when pedals to the metal and you plant your foot at 2k? R5 owners care to comment?

Ive just been down to the local Renault specialist that Ive been using for a few years - and we were chatting about a Phase1 GT Turbo he used to have.

It made about 210bhp and mods included a turbo and many other bits that he made himself! (I believe him). He left the outside totally original and used to spend his time ripping apart exotic cars around Bristol.

He still sees GT Turbos at the garage, but says that theres only one mint one that goes there and that all the rest are complete dogs. Be warned!

Its a risky business buying a GTT, but if you get the right one you will have such a big grin for a long time!! (Fingers Crossed for mine!!)
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Both my cars are now turbocharged, and I always without fail let the turbos cool down...matter of habit - sometimes I used to find myself letting the williams idle after a run!