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6x9's only palying bass...

Well today I unplugged my sub and wired up my 6x9's into my previous amp i used for the sub. I reset all the settings bass boost to 0, filter to flat instead of LPF and HPF, and the gain to 0. But all I am getting out of these speakers is bass the speakers are Vibe BlackDeaths. The amps is an xtreme 600 watt amp all running through a pioneer 1400UB head unit. Any ideas people?

Thanks in advance.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Has the head unit got a sub only pre-out? If it has, your amp could be plugged into that.
The head unit only has one place to plug the audio leads into the back. What I was thinking though when I go into the settings it has subwoofer1 settings and subwoofer 2 settings, subwoofer 1 allows me to change the speakers from off to normal or reverse. While the subwoofer 2 settings allow me to change the Hz and then there is a + 1-6 on the end.