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A day of TLC for the new ph-quick !

  Golf TDI
Upgraded myself from the 1.2 to this 172 a month back but tbh i wasnt happy with various things , after alot of time in the garage being put right im now happy :) so i treated the car to a few subtle changes ....silvervisions , a smaller ariel and a set of h.i.d's :approve: i followed this all up with its first scrub up !! heres a few pics ....









i think the car could really do with clear side repeaters and the wheels refurbing and possibly ( undecided ) the side mouldings colour coded .

kieran .
  Titanium 182
you front plate on the first pic looks like a : O smile instead of a : )

I loved it but then when I saw it was a : ) I was dissapointed :(

Car looks ace though :D
  Renault Clio 172
Yeh definately get your side repeaters done mate.

My mate just had his 182 wheels refurbed and painted for £150, and they look really good. I would recommend it, im looking at doing it myself on my 172. I want them sprayed graphite.

Im liking the HID bulbs, looks sweet.

Nice motor :)
  Lots of Alfas
Very nice, thinking of getting hids for mine. You wanna put your drivers side wheel arch back on, theres a bit on that to protect the aux belt/roller from the elements.
Take your front bumper off, and the headlights out and mount your ballast packs properly.

Front bumper off, scuttle panel underneath might need to come off too.

Headlights out.

Mount the ballast packs under the headlights, so they get the air from the bumper cut outs.

And put it all back together fitting your h.i.d bulbs in place of your hallogens.

Job done.

Took me about 2 hours but wanted to do it properly.
Looks good mate. Who did you get insured with in the end? just for future reference, i'm after one of these next year.
  Golf TDI
kwik fit , cheapest about for me and my details although they are known to be rather expensive !
  Clio 182
Little bit of topic but whats the colour code of your 172........ need some stone chips sorting on mine and cant work out what the paint code is............
  Golf TDI
im not sure lol im assuming mine is titanium silver . there was me going to spend an hour later searching and finding out !
  Golf TDI
how hard is it to fit the hid kits dude? been wanting these for ages!

didnt take too long , there isnt much space to work with so your hands et a bit battered and bruised ..would reccomend as justin stated , tht you remove the bumper for this although i personally dont drive around with my bonnet up etc so there was no need to go to that extent . although if i get some spare time i will consider it ;)
  ITB BG 182
I got some side repeater covers in silver, ie the stand 182 ones, if they fit yours an ya want em pm me.


ClioSport Club Member
Nice mate! I think colour codes sidestrips and ph2 rear would finish it off a treat :)
  Golf TDI
thanks guys , im considering getting the side strips colour coded this week although im unsure of wether i will like it .
  Golf TDI
LOL i work all hours so it was dark , cold and windy and i really wanted the xenons on . its not like people can see under my bonnet as a temporary measure . atm they are just cable tied in :eek::)