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A1 CUP plate

Did I not see someone mentioning that this plate was for sale?

Well the other chap with a Cup that lives near me has just got it for his - saw it towards the end of last week - nearly got whiplash doing a double take ;)

Im 95% certain that it was A1 CUP, but he was going the other way and I was concentrating on the road :)

It was for auction - I think the auction has gone now.. wonder who got it and for how much!

Thing is, its worthless if no one has a Cup on that day! On the other hand, it could have gone for a lot if a few Cup owners wanted it!


the reg A172CUP is on the dvla website, it sold for a grand at their last auction !

quite a good price really considering there are other number plates out there which arent as good but are up for more money.

A172 CUP for 1000 pounds sounds good. There was C1 CUP for sale the other month, but it was over 1000.