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About Clio 1.2 16v chip


If Im not mistaken, at least two companies provide a chip upgrade for this model, namely PowerChips and DigitalTuning. I believe that soon K-Tec will be releasing their own chip upgrade.

As I am from Portugal, where there are no representants of any of those companies, Ill have to order the chip and have someone here to do the upgrade, but I dont know whether I can trust any of those companies. Ive been told that K-Tec has great-quality products, but as for the others (PowerChips and DigitalTuning) Ive never even heard of.

What do you think is my best option? Go for one of those or wait a while longer for K-Tec? Thanks! :)

Are theya ctual chips or serial reprograms as my 172 has a serial program to replace the std prameters.

They couldnt send that if the otehr side didnt have teh right apparatus.

I believe that those are really chips. They should come already programmed so that the only work is to unsolder the original one, and solder a socket to insert the new chip.

At least thats how some other companies work (Superchips for example), the difference being that they send the data to a representant who then programms a chip (this one replacing the original with the same method described above).

The main issue as for now is the quality of these companies products; I dont want to risk to order something that doesnt do what it promises ;)


not many cars you actually replace a chip on the baord.

superchips most use serial reprogramming and crack teh original ECU code.....its easier.

i worked on the map for my own 172 and the RS-R conversion and we just reprogrammed. some with the new minis as we did some of them too.

Well, if thats the case and Im wrong, theres no way to get this done :(

Ive already contacted each company, lets wait for their word on this. Ill reply when I get a confirmation on this issue!