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Add Exhaust Pics And Vids Here!

  Jap Shed
Lots of people are asking to hear what different zorsts sound like and look like when fitted, myself included! why not post them all together in one thread?
I am sure people would find it helpful when choosing an exhaust?

sticky ?
  Renault Clio mk2 RSi 16v
i post mine up next week or so . gonna book it in next week to get a custom made one .
  Audi TT 225 Quattro
here's mine, its a mongoose:D
  1.8 Civic EX
jay s said:
here's mine, its a mongoose:D ]

sounds good mate!

mine...(recording volume is pretty low so will need to crank it up a bit)

4-2-1 manifold
a so called "silenced" de-cat
Powerflow cat back 3.5inch slash cut...

  Looking for a ph-quick...
Mines Magnex, decatted and centre silencer removed.


Click to play \/\/\/

After hearing Jay s', i want a mongoose now!!

  Mk2 Ph1 1.2
I need a new exhaust for my MK1RT...Nothing wrong with it just seems to sit quite a bit behind the rear bumper
  53' 172 Cup
quality video mate - edited well nice...zaust sounds mega too! does any1 have a sound clip of a ktec stealth system??
  Renault Clio mk2 RSi 16v
a little hard to see because of the lite........sounds amazing...! will post sound clip soon!

thats the same back bumper ive got ! i like this alot . what inch tailpipes have you got ?? because im booked in friday to have the same style exhaust done apart from i thought about having a round 4inch one either side . where your number plate is , have you sprayed it black ?
  2004 Clio 1.2 16v
the tailpipes are silenced ....think they are 3" ovals....dunno the make, what i do know is there are no back boxes just one center section after the cat...the rest is pipe work

yep it is painted matt black felt it looked too plain when it was white (see below)