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Advice with new rim specification/sizing

  Clio Dyn.1.2 16v

Looking to upgrade the current wheels on my 1.2 16v dynamique and wondering what offset etc is required?

Is this given on the actual alloys already? and thus I just need to match it? Also what about if I move up to 16" from 15", the rolling diameter will change so therefore affect the cars ride, what do I need to consider with this?

Was probably looking at getting a set of Turini's or the original 172 cup alloys (5 spoke 16s).

  Clio Dyn.1.2 16v
Also, if I were to put low profile tyres on my current 15" dynamique alloys, would this ride wrong? I've never seen a clio before with wheels like that, but someone on here may have done it before!?


  Meg on pistonheads £6995
very easy to swap - rolling diameter is very similar with 15, 16s and 17s.

check out on (up to 2/3% won't notice difference)

basically - as you lose comfort, you gain looks & grip (if avoid cheap tyres on new rims)

ppl will argue all day over handling, but I'm happy going 15-17