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After attending all the drag racing this year it has taken its toll on the gear box. Neil @ Prima who does my services said the box was full of metal and reckons that at this rate its only got 18months in it. Plus my handling bug bears have been fixed with two new wheel barings at the back one was toatlly f**ked and fused to disk, other had loads of play in it. Anyway, high compression pistons?

Tim O

18 months - wo. :eek: Didnt you have probs engaging second on the last York trip?

You gonna run it into the ground then or get it replaced soon? Good excuse to get one of those 6 speed sequential boxes fitted I reckon!! ;) A tad expensive though.

What do you reckon to Primas service Tim. Theyre not too far away from me.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hi Tim - after youve answered joes question, would you mind listing what mods youve done to your clio please? and how many miles youve clocked up etc. Ive seen the vid of your car at York and it sounded/looked amazing!
  BMW 320d Sport

I know some of it...traction control, rammed Pipercross Viper (oooops sorry in advance to Capt Slarty, that must be just a total coincidence that the fastest 172 is running ram-air ;)), rear stripped out, chipped (I think?) - nice solid mods.

But anyway Tim, look on it as an opportunity to move onto a better gearbox! I did when mine shredded itself!

For Slarty, I am thinking forged pistons, balanced bottom end, Cams, and 100 shot of nitrous, Plus spec is 33k, Viper through fog, Chip Cat Pipe, Back Box, RL Trac Contol.

Tim O

Sorry forgot the outside, KW Coilovers, 1.5 dgree neg camber, factory toe, Dropped approx 50-70mm, kept factoryish corner weights but bit more at front, Prima/Elia rear bumper with corresponding exhaust, erm, Clear side repeaters, about to be debadged, + fitting of 1.2 badge to near side (why not?)

Have V6 front bumper but couldnt set coilovers up with that on, (to be low enough).

Tim O

Hi Tim.. heres my thoughts.... :)

Not sure you will need the forged jobbies at all.. and be careful of considering the cr upping if you intend to run nitrous.

Balancing is fine, but unless you intend to rev more - not really beneficial or cost effective. (and I wouldnt like to rev the std crank much more than it is already) -

Cams, the only ones about I am aware of are the reprofiled jobbies.. no probs with reprofiling, but they arent really producing the goodies..

If you want it for strip times or the odd burst, then the nitrous would be best - for example.. you could easilly get the 6-7 bhp that kent cams make midrange only (they dont produce more top end), by simply uppng the nitrous.

I am looking to run about 100-125 extra with nos on the 172, I will be using a gear pos / rpm linked, delivery controller with traction control and programmable r****d. (Prior to the turbo conversion)

Ths is SIMPLE to set up, there are guys running nitrous with nowhere near the output they quote, all that needs to be done is set it up on the rollers for the power you require.

You could use the turbo crank, this is humongous and far stronger than the 172 unit.. I have 3 if you want one (new).. these would take as much torque as you could throw at them, the rods are already pretty bloody good, and the pistons do not appear to be a weak point.

Might be worth considering a simple paddle clutch plate too...

Sounds like that little flying machine of yours is gonna be ballistic !
  evo x rs

Tim, sorry to ask this question if its already been asked but what mods have you done apart from the cosmetic stuff.

Cause thats a great 1/4 mile time as I managed 15.2 at pod earlier this year knowing I could have done better without so much wheel spin at the start.