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Al filling up at Great Houghton Petrol Station...

  1.2 16v Dynamique
...this morning.

At least I think it was, Black 1.6, with the reeenno no. plate.

God Damn that is a shiny beast...

Gave you a little flash but I reckon you were oblivous, after all it was 7:30AM!!


  ST on the way...
Wehey!! A spot :D

It was me fella, and a little too early, don't wake up till AT LEAST 10 ;)

We're you the guy in the silver dymanique waiting outside the shop......I noticed you looking but didn't think anything about it! lol

If i'd know it was you i'd have come over! Sorry!! :)
  1.2 16v Dynamique
At long last eh? yeah that was we. looking a little dirty at the minute, just come back from edinburgh in it.

I really ought to get a sticker at some point...

Tis a very shiny beast, could see my face in it! Have you got xenons on it also? the lights seemed very white and crisp when you fired it up...


  ST on the way...
Mines in need of a wash TBH, it's lasted 4 days! lol

Thought yours looked clean actually, but then still being half asleep and all ;)

They are the Ring "30% Brighter" Xenon ones, but not proper xenons.