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All Titanium & Icebergs!


ClioSport Club Member

Just a quick snap as I was walking past

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Have been pretty disheartened with the Clio this week after some tw@t dented the passenger door by throwing a cider bottle from a moving car.

But tonight I fired along my favourite piece of road from Epping to Ware and it's brought back the love.

Edit: damn my exhaust has slipped off-centre again - any advice on how to stop this from happening?



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  Cliosport 182 ff
That spoiler extension looks good! Would be interested in more photos and detail on how you made it!

I made a template card one first and used various metal shaping techniques to achieve the desired shape then filled, primed and painted as I’m a fabricator and painter by trade.

I tried to get these mass produced in carbon and fibreglass but knowbody wanted to pay the money for it so im the only one with one currently.
Something il be looking to produce again soon though hopefully.