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Alloys for 172... Help!!

A mate of mine is wanting to change the alloys on his Y plate 172 Sport.

The standard wheels are the OZ F1 Cup I believe, whats the size of these, are the 6.5x15 or 7x15, also does anyone know what the correct offset?

Hes wanting to fit the Dare V2 in 17s. again anyone on the forum got these on there clio, if so 7x17 ok and also what offset are they...

Ive had a bad experience with fitting alloys with the wrong offset the car wonders all over the road!

Any help would be great!


Im sure he will want to sell them!

If your interested in buying them mail me your mobile number etc and ill pass it on to him!



ok the offset should be stamped on the wheel ET??
i think its 35 but i dont know take the wheel off an have a look for the letters ET followed by 2 numbers