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Alpine White, Carbon Fibre'd BMW 335D Enhancement Detail

I had this in for a one-day enhancement detail at the end of last week. Such a lovely car and it was a pleasure to work on, despite how deceivingly long it is!

The colour is a flat colour but had some great reflections and seemed to have a pearly tint to it.

There are a lot of photos, but here's the writeup!

A few before's of the car, nothing too alarming.

A few of the Winning Formulas Car Skin range I have decided to test on this car.

Various brushes used to agitate the front and back of the wheels, along with Bilberry Wheel cleaner.

Arches dealt with using AF Citrus and An EZ-Detail Brush.

The car was pre-soaked in AF Citrus and Intricates were addressed with ValetPro brushes and APC.

The first trial of the day was of the Insect and Bird remover, (not sure why you would find a bird on your car... :p ) This worked great as a pre-soak on the front bumper, apart from the poor trigger on the bottle.

Not bad! The car was then washed with the remainder of my DJ Supernatural and 2 buckets, with Meguiars mitt.

The boot shuts were very soiled, these were soon addressed with Citrus, APC, Tardis and IronX at a later stage.

This was after a hand full of tree was removed!

The next trial was of the Tar Remover, this was effective, again, the trigger wasn't good, but it removed tar well when wiped off with a microfibre.

Most of the car wasn't very contaminated with tar so this wasn't a good test, but the product was good and compared to Tardis also used, it was just as effective.

Used on a large piece of tar

Wiped clean

A few green scratches on the door handle to be dealt with:

Next up was Iron.X

After a rinse, the car was then clayed with AF Clay and DJ Born Slippy.

The front wing, nothing major

From the bottom half of one side, quite a lot considering it has been de-tarred.

All decontaminated and ready for polishing

Meg's DA Microfibre System used, was very good apart from TWO 3" pads exploding while under light pressure and on a maximum speed of 5 on the DA, not good!

A worrying discovery - Respray or a poor attempt at the original paint job! The top of the boot has been sprayed at a different time to the bottom.

Some messy spray / bonding work under the lid as well!

The only photo of during polish unfortunately, the skies were very overcast and without a sun gun today, I wasn't able to get any 50/50's.

A bit of fun was had untaping..

Post polishing.

The paint was then sealed with CS12, a sealant that can offer protection for up to 12 months, we shall see!


Exhausts taken care of with Deep cut Chrome

Wheels sealed

Glass brought up to a shine, this was easy on and off, but smeared slightly, which soon evaporated.

Tyres dressed with CS Rubber, leaving a very nice satin finish.

And the finished pictures!

A bit of beading

The owner was thrilled with the results and not bothered in the slightest about the poor attempt at spraying the boot lid...

I suppose there are more important things in life!

Thanks for looking, comments welcome.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
If that was a silver or gunmetal grey, it would look infinately nicer. White just cheapens it a bit imo.

But good write up though. And that tailgate is shocking!!!
  Phase 2 172 Sport
Great right up mate. Pictures look amazing aswell and the cars in the perfect colour !

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ClioSport Club Member
Good write up there, whats your over all view on those products your trying out?

I have to agree with Daniel on the colour front, white and black combo is too tacky, a nice gunmetal grey is far superior.
Thanks both!

My honest opinion, if they were as good as they looked, I'd be buying the whole range!

The tyre shine and glass cleaner was brilliant and the CS12 Sealant seems like good stuff in terms of ease of application, looks and beading.

The metal polish wasn't as good as AF Mercury, the bug remover wasn't as good as AF Citrus and the Tar remover wasn't any better than Tardis.

I will definitely be using all of the products again though.


ClioSport Club Member
I do like the look of the tyre shine, I'm not too keen on glossy tyres however most of the satin look ones I've used seem to wash off straight away.

You'll have to keep me updated with how it lasts.


ClioSport Club Member
  Edition 30
Great results!

Dan's right about the colour too. White isn't right for that car.
Looks great, My E30 is alpine white and when it was parked outside it needed washing almost every day lol
I hope that tailgate wasn't like that from the factory!
For anyone interested, After checking the boot on my dad's car with the PTG, its got much higher readings on the top half of the boot (around 270 microns) compared to rear quarters and lower boot (around 170), it's been resprayed when they f***ed up the spoiler positioning...