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Alternator change on a 182

  Clio 200 Silverstone

I just wondered if anyone can give an advice on how easy/complicated it is to change alternator on my 182. I've been searching all over the forum and seems to be mixed opinions. Heard mentions of Aircon having to be degased but then others just straight swap etc....has anyone actually done this change themselves?

bumper off, slam panel off, aux belt off, disconnect wiring, is reverse
  Lionel Richie
upper engine mount off, jack up engine, struggle like a t**t to do the tensioner without the tool

etc etc

do able but its not nice without the aux belt tool, people ghetto it using jubille clips etc
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Has anyone improvised a tensioner tool?

As Fred just said in the post above yours, you can use a jubilee clip around it, in fact in some ways its actually easier than using the proper tool as you have both hands free to fit the belt on while you are doing it.

Once you are used to using the tool though its far quicker as you dont have to faff around for 10 minutes getting a jubilee clip on and off so you wont ever see a specialist doing it that way obviously, but it does work.
  Clio 200 Silverstone
Unfortunately Fred, I dont have the money to pay someone to do it at the moment, so going to have to improvise. Cheers Chip-mk1....will give this a go and see how I get on
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
short 3/8" drive extension on a ratchet should also be doable IIRC although not tried it that way myself.
  Clio 200 Silverstone
Front bumper off, slam panel, headlight off made good access. Then just released the 2 bolts holdin the alternator (obv battery disconnected before all this), wiggled the thing out, wiggle new 1 in. Once roughly in place, put bottom bolt back thru, and as bad as this sounds I put crowbar underneath and just levered it up gently and feel straight into place. Took about 5hrs and that's first time I've done 1